Saturday, January 08, 2005

Nokia 9500 Review Posted On CNet

"Psion meets communications"

whanafi on 13/12/2004, 03:28 PM

As a long-time Psion user, I was always smugly content to know I had the best PDA in the biz. While others were pummeled into the Microsoft vice of contacts and nothing else, I had a device that allowed me to have custom databases, document readers, games, Office compatibility and a vibrant freeware community. Oh, and the Psion Series 5MX ran for a month on double As.

Now Nokia has brought (most) of the wonderful EPOC operating system and applications to the 9500, and it is a real treat to be back in business with the added convenience of Web browsing and email. The Wi-Fi works but don't expect to be able to browse a LAN network. File transfers are easily accomplished with the MMC card which runs a native FAT file system. Pop it into your PC, copy files on or off, then back into the 9500.

As a phone, it is pretty primitive and I really miss the joystick from the Nokia 6600--the round button on the 9500 is imprecise and you mostly end up in the wrong menu. As a PDA, it is excellent. As a phone, it is tolerable. 9 out of 10.

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