Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Book Recommendation - Skinny Dip

It isn't often that you read a book where somebody is murdered on the first page, there is corruption, blackmail, people getting shot, and you find yourself laughing out loud.

This is the first book by Carl Hiaasen that I have read, and now I am hooked. There must be something about South Florida - like Lawrence Sander's novels featuring McNally, Hiaasen paints very broad portraits of some truly weird characters.

A breezy, entertaining read. Highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

After reading you book recommendations for Skinny Dip and Skin Tight by Carl Hiaasen, I received another book by him on loan from my sister. The title is "Basket Case". I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by Carl. Keep the good work with your blog. I enjoyed reading all you have there since finding the link to it from the Langa List. Finally a refreshing and relaxing site to go, chill, and just enjoy.

Robert Pipkin