Thursday, January 13, 2005

Book Recommendation - Baroque Cycle

A long favourite author, Neal Stephenson, released a huge book called Quicksilver and indicated it was volume 1 of a trilogy called the Baroque Cycle. I hate waiting between books, so I bought it and put it on the shelf. This was followed by The Confusion, which met a similar fate. The final volume, The System of the World, came out in October 2004.

With my new found time schedule, I was able to tackle this massive trilogy. And what a ride. First off, though Stephenson is known as a science fiction writer, these books are set in the late 1600's and end in the early 1700's.

Some immediate impressions:

  • You have to be more interested in the journey than the destination.
  • I now know more about London than I ever expected to know.
  • Names I mostly knew from school, such as Newton and Hooke are now very real to me.
  • I love these kind of books.

So, here is the Amazon reference if you want to give it a try:

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