Thursday, March 30, 2006

Using Firefox instead of IE

I switched over to Firefox during its beta releases, completely captivated by the "tabs instead of windows" method of browsing. As has been documented elsewhere, it is just a faster, more secure, more feature rich browser than the 7 year old IE.

One of the unintended consequences of that change however has been that I don't often look at my own web site or this blog using IE. A few days ago, I did happen to load the blog in IE and was surprised to find that the sidebar had disappeared.

Actually it turns out that it was still there, just dropped to the bottom of the last entry. Since the sidebar contains all the profile, navigation, and link information for the blog, this was pretty serious. After contacting Blogger technical support and persisting through the auto responder "go away" messages, I finally got someone to help.

It seems that if a piece of text like a URL exceeds the width of the column, IE can't handle the wrap-around gracefully, and just pushes the whole sidebar down. A very helpful person named Sarah managed to pinpoint the offending entry, and everything is now back to normal for people using IE.

My only question to someone still using IE would be, "Why haven't you switched to Firefox yet?

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