Saturday, March 11, 2006

Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop

After many years of faithful service, my old no-name keyboard died, and I used the opportunity to try out a fancy new ergonomic Natural keyboard from Microsoft. My typing speed immediately deteriorated.

The problem was not only the change in typing position, but the bad key travel on the Microsoft keyboard. Unless you strike the keys directly in the centre, the keys tend to stick.

I am a big fan of the keyboard on the IBM (OK, Lenovo) ThinkPad laptops. I find that I can reach my full speed and that accuracy is also good. So it was with some curiosity that I noticed a flat, black keyboard on display in a local computer shop. The product in question turned out to be a desktop set (keyboard, mouse, and separate numeric keyboard/calculator) from Logitech.

There are two different versions depending on whether you want to use Bluetooth or regular wireless connections. The Bluetooth version is double the price, so I gave that a miss and went for the traditional cordless.


My typing speed is back, the comfort level is great, and it looks sharp as well. The wireless connection is provided by a USB dongle that looks like a thumb drive. You just plug this in, and the keyboards and mouse connect. A travel pouch is provided to carry the mouse and dongle.

The idea of a separate numeric keypad with its own display and ability to function as a stand-alone calculator is really clever. You can leave it to one side when not required, freeing up desk space.

A very useful and enjoyable addition to the Haunt. Recommended.

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