Monday, March 14, 2005

MP3 Streaming Devices - Squeezebox2

The folks at Slim Devices have released the latest generation of their network-connected digital music player. Called the Squeezbox2, it features wireless connectivity as well as digital optical outputs.

I first came across this company when I was building my own compturerized hi-fi. At the time, they were selling a product called the SliMP3, which had a display, ethernet port, and RCA phono jacks. It was a simple and elegant solution to integrating MP3 music with a conventional stereo system.

I went further and added wireless capability by plugging the SliMP3 into a wireless bridge, which has worked just fine, though things can get a bit hairy when somebody is surfing on a wireless laptop while the music is playing.

The new Squeezebox2 has 802.11g, so bandwidth should no longer be a problem. I like the addition of the optical ports, and the server side software has been updated to support Internet radio, and a host of other features.

Highly recommended.

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