Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bell's Law

Way back in the 1980's in Hong Kong, a bunch of expats and old China hands met on Friday nights to eat too much, drink too much, and to talk about computers. It was an odd bunch of people with nothing in common except a love of food, drink and computers.

They managed to start the first computer club in Hong Kong, HKFOG (later SEAnet), and to put up the first bulletin board system (BBS), running a pirate Apple II and salvaged 8 inch floppy drives. This eventually became the Asian link into the world-wide FidoNet.

During one of these bacchanalian feasts, a blinding truth became obvious, and was dedicated to the gentleman who first managed to distill it into a Law.

"There are only two reasons to buy a new piece of equipment: Your friends have it, or your friends don't have it."
Bell's Law

This one's for you Dexter.

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