Friday, January 04, 2008

Linksys CIT400 Skype Phone - Firmware Upgrade

I've reviewed the Linksys CIT400 Skype Phone before, and it continues to see heavy use by the wife, proving its high SAF (Spousal Acceptance Factor). There have been a few nagging bumps along the way, and I finally got around to checking for a firmware update to see if anything had been fixed.

The Singapore Linksys web site is useless when it comes to firmware, and a conversation with a Linksys support tech confirmed that one basically has to use the US site for firmware updates. A quick check showed that there was indeed a new firmware release here, dated 2007 06 29 and taking the code to version

Upgrading is done by downloading the firmware to a PC, then accessing the CIT400 base unit by typing its IP address into a browser. The base unit has a built in web server that gives access to various status and administration pages. By browsing to the downloaded firmware file and clicking the update button, the unit performs the firmware upgrade.

All that worked fine, and things seem a bit more stable with the new firmware.

One other discovery. Starhub announced that subscribers with the HubStation Smart TV Set-top box have "free" internet access through the built in Ethernet port on the back. I didn't really have a use for that until I thought of putting the CIT400 base station there instead of on my normal Maxonline service.

It turns out the 1Mb bandwidth is enough to support good quality Skype calls, and it gets the traffic off my regular network, along with any lingering security fears.


Anonymous said...

hi, I would just like to find out fr you (since the Linksys CIT400 specs fail to mention) if users could also skype message with this phone just like skype on the computer.

from an almost satisfied Philips VoIP841 user

whanafi said...

No, as far as I can establish, it is voice only. All voice features are supported including managing your contacts and adding SkypeOut numbers.

Anonymous said...

It's quite a pity then. But thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

did you buy this in singapore? if so, where abouts? and also, what did you pay for it?

whanafi said...

Yes, purchased in Singapore at South Asia in Funan. Don't remember the price.

Unknown said...

My CIT400 displays Skype followed by (1) on the title bar. Do you know what this (1) means? The phone works great but this (1) is bugging me ...
Thanks in advance for your help.

whanafi said...

The (1)refers to handset one. You can have multiple handsets connected to one base station.

At least in theory.

I have never seen a handset for sale by itself.

Unknown said...

Oh, I see.
Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Hi, have some enquires.

Mulitple handsets for 1 base station? Meaning multiple users can use at the same time?

Just need to login with their skype accounts?