Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Linksys CIT300 Skype Phone

I wrote before about the Linksys cordless phone that connects to Skype. This purchase was a hit with my wife, who was freed from the technidiocy of computers and headsets.

Linksys, through its parent company Cisco, has famously been embroiled with a lawsuit against Apple over the laters use of the product name iPhone. I have to admit, I never thought of the Linksys as an "iPhone", but rather by its model number like all other Linksys products.

In any case, Linksys are continuing to roll out new variations of the cordless phones. My latest acquisition is the CIT300. This phone looks very similar to the original model, but with a new twist. The base station also supports a connection to a normal PSTN line, so that one phone now supports normal dialing as well as Skype connections.

Another benefit seems to be a more stable software driver. The CIT200 would randomly just go away, even though the status icon appeared normal. The cordless phone would be unable to connect, and I would have to reset the software.

With the CIT300, those problems are gone. I have been running it for months now without any problems at all.

Highly recommended.

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