Saturday, June 10, 2006

Starhub - It Just Gets Worse

My least favourite service provider has managed to hit a new low.

It is 18:50 on a Saturday night, and I just tried to call Starhub's customer dis-service number at 1633 to try and resolve a billing problem (another long and painful story). I was greeted with a recorded message saying that they were too busy to take calls, and then the line was disconnected.


This is a company that carefully hides all contact information from the public, refuses to publish the names of their corporate managers, has a website that forces customers to use their call centre, and now refuses calls completely.

Having done away with 800 numbers so that the customer foots the bill for attempting to contact the company, we have now reached the stage that contact is simply refused.

Congratulations Starhub, you have retained your title as the company I most hate to interact with. Actually to be more precise, the company I most hate trying to interact with...

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