Sunday, April 30, 2006

StarHub - Smart TV Firmware 1.10 update

I was in the middle of trying to send my StarHub DVR back because of the poor performance, when they finally released a new firmware update, 1.10.

Because of family protests about the poor quality, I had already removed the new DVR from our main setup and reverted to the digital cable STB. The DVR now sits with the second TV, and is only occasionally used.

I cannot say at this point whether the new firmware makes any difference. When I went back to using my Pioneer DVR-520H, it was just so clean and simple that any desire to continue fooling around with the StarHub box just evaporated.

Apart from the fact that the Smart TV supposedly allows programmed recording from the on-screen directory, nothing else about it matches up to the quality of the Pioneer. I say supposedly because the previous firmware routinely failed to record selected programs.

I will eventually get around to testing the unit, but for now, it has achieved the status of an enthusiasm that didn't pan out.


Anonymous said...


I'm also getting a lot of problems with my DVR box @ 1.10 firmware version.

Pixelization breakups, lost signals, video/audio sync, and lost recordings (due to loss of signal). Can't believe I actually paid $399 for it.

I would like to check, if its possible to get a refund for the box? I will like to have my old digital box back.

whanafi said...

I won't have a chance to test myself for another week or so. Your experience is demoralizing though.

I tried to send the box back, but ended up with another technician visit and a request to wait for the firmware upgrade. My feeling is that it is going to take a fight.

Since the box does not do what it is advertised as doing, a simple small claims court case should do the trick if things get really nasty.