Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Skype to your wireline phone

I mentioned in an earlier entry that Skype was starting to cause an add-on industry. A good example was brought to my attention in the form of the MPLAT Skypebox B2K.

Apart from the ugly name, this is a neat little device that creates a physical connection between your PC running Skype, and your wireline phone. Which means that you can not only answer incoming calls on a normal phone, but also place outgoing calls.

Now, this is not a replacement for the SkypeOut service which lets you dial to a PSTN number. You would still need a SkypeOut account with pre-paid credit to do that. Rather, the MPLAT uses some clever software on the PC to assign speed call numbers to your Skype contacts, then lets you dial them from the wireline phone.

There is a complete explanation of how it all works, with diagrams, here.


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