Monday, February 11, 2013

GV shows butchered version of Good Day to Die Hard

I have just come back from watching what was advertised as A Good Day to Die Hard at GV Gold Class VivoCity

What was presented was a butchered facsimile of the real film.  I don’t understand what GV is thinking by showing such a badly tampered with film – the experience was painful, with dialogue missing or replaced with inane phrases (chia pet, seriously??), and scenes apparently truncated.  The resulting mess was not even coherent.

To be clear, this is the fifth film in the franchise.  I am well aware of what to expect in a Die Hard movie, including violence and coarse language.  That is normally offset by a sense of humour, something that was entirely destroyed by the replacement of the intended dialogue. 

Who does GV/distributor/film censorship board think they are “protecting“ with this inane censorship?   The audience is clearly adult and willing to pay for comfort and quality.  Instead GV delivered crap.  

It is no excuse to say "this is what the distributor provided", which was the response from the on-site manager.  GV owes its primary duty of care to its customers, not the distributor.  If the distributor won’t provide a clean print, don’t show the movie.

I feel completely ripped off.  Instead of an enjoyable night out with my wife, we ended up spending over S$130 on what was a fraud.

I have checked the web site again to confirm that there was no warning that the film being shown was not the original, but there is nothing.

With the increasing dirtiness of the seats and theatres, and now with butchered films, I don’t think we will be customers any longer.

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