Friday, August 17, 2012

CPF "Enhances" a cut in service

The CPF Board has just used SMS to issue one of the most cynical lies I have ever received from a government body. 

I subscribe to the MyeCitizen service that sends an SMS when I receive a contribution to my CPF account.  The SMS contains the date and amount deposited.  With the frequent changes to CPF contribution rates, different age bands, variable contribution dates by the employer, and changes in income, these alerts are useful and welcome.

What arrived this month was the following:  

 “From MyeCitizen: This SMS service will be enhanced with effect from 15 Aug 2012.  We will inform you if your CPF contribution was not paid.”

What it means is that they are no longer going to send an alert when deposits are made, just if they are not made.

Have we fallen so far as a society that a government department announcing a service cut uses the word “enhanced”? 

How stupid do civil servants think the people paying their salaries are?

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