Sunday, February 07, 2010

Singapore - Guys holding purses - the secret is revealed

One of the most peculiar cultural phenomenon one can observe in Singapore, is that of a couple walking down the street or through a mall, with the guy holding the girl's handbag.

I say peculiar, because in most places, a guy wouldn't be caught dead carrying a purse - his wife/girl friend's or anybody else's.  

Guys just don't carry women's handbags.

So it has been with some interest that I have been conducting field research to discover what powerful incantation is being used by the female of the species to compel such non-compliant behaviour.

I am happy to announce that I have finally been privy to the moment of transfer, and was able to determine the simple but powerful phrase which results in guys with purses.  

"You hol dis".


Michelle said...

I've noticed something weirder...bags for men. Purses to be exact. Purses like mine, only being worn across the chest and over one shoulder, but without the flowers, like mine.

icyhighs said...

Evoked a genuine LOL, this post. As somebody who has only recently moved to Sg, I greatly enjoyed all your stuff, but esp. the cultural topics.
P.S. - Men helping with women's purses is actually not that uncommon in 1 other city I've spend a few months in - Dusseldorf.